69L Red Heart Tag SALE!

Cleavage wants to help all of you love (lust?) birds out by providing you with some smexy threads at affordable prices in the lead up to Valentine’s Day. Cue the Red Heart Tag Sale to the rescue! From February 1st to February 14th, participating Cleavage shops will have selected sexy / lingerie items set for sale at just 69L.

Take note that Pink Sugah has placed all of the items at her Cleavage location (with the exception of shoes) on sale at 69L each as part of the sale!!

Have a look at the list of shops below and the avalanche of sale items, and then grab your friends and splurge!

69L Red Heart Tag Sale items!




Gatherings Designs (including a new and exclusive item!)


Lady Luck


Pink Sugah (entire Cleavage location is on sale with the exception of shoes!)

Purple Candy


Wicked Night – Nerdy Needs


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