Pink Sugah Goes PLATINUM!


Pink Sugah has a new premium VIP group available for all the Sugah lovers out there! Called PLATINUM, the group has a 500L one time joining fee with LOTS of special perks. Here’s the current run down:

  • You get a joining pack with the outfits shown in the poster above. These specially textured items will never be available to the general public; only Platinum members can get them!
  • You get a special shopping area! Wearing your new Platinum tag you can take the special TP up to your very own shopping area not available to anyone else.
  • Regular group gifts will be available in the new shopping area! As new ones are released the previous ones will be retired so check back often!
  • You’ll be 1 of only 500 people allowed in the group! That’s right, this is a super premium elite group for Pink Sugah lovers that’s capped at 500 total members. Once you join guard that tag with your SLife cuz if you accidentally leave it you can’t be reinstated without once again joining the group and paying the fee, but that’s only if there are still spots available!
  • Finally, you get an additional 25% off all main store releases (excluding gacha)! Can we say SHOPPING SPREE!

For the original post and more information, please hop over to Pink Sugah’s blog where the entire program is outlined. Now that you’ve decided to join, hop on over to the shop where you can find the joiner and special TP to look around! Enjoy!


And don’t forget to pick up Pink Sugah‘s Going Bust tops specially priced through tonight at midnight. Find them out in front of the store!

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Other offerings in this weekend’s Going Bust sidewalk sale:

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Pink Sugah is also one of the sponsors at this month’s Lubbly Jubblies! Here’s what she has waiting for you:

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Here’s what else you can pick up over in the Lubbly Jubblies building through August 13th:

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Get Involved with Cleavage!

If you’re an implant friendly designer or blogger and want to get involved with Cleavage, there are lots of ways you can do so.

Designer Application for Lubbly Jubbies: Please apply here

Going Bust and Lubbly Jubblies Blogger Application: Please apply here

Rental Application: Please apply here




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