The Boob Job Hunt Ends 2/28!

BJH Poster3 with date

The Boob Job Hunt at Cleavage!
February 7th – February 28th

Cleavage has gone under the knife with a full-sim remodel and we’re celebrating our new and updated look with a sim-wide hunt! The Boob Job Hunt is a 2L hunt (why 2L? because boobs come in pairs!), and it is the perfect opportunity to get a bunch of great hunt items while getting to know your favourite implant-specialized sim on the grid. Join the in-world I ❤ Cleavage group for help with the hunt.

You’re looking for The Boob Job band aid pictured below. The designers have hidden their band aids inside of their Cleavage shops!

Hunt item pic

And now for your list of hunt hints and teaser pics:

1. sexZ
Hint: Read up on all the literature!

2. 7 Deadly S{k}ins
Hint: Smooth as velvet

3. Pink Sugah
Hint: Dropped a bombshell

4. 1 Hundred
Hint: Think like a fly…

5. Aphrodisiac
Hint: Atop the tall wood, you see; you will find the things for boobies.

6. Bad Apple Designs
Hint: Velma and Louise!!!!  The dress is quite a tease!

7. Barely Legal Couture
Hint: Take me to home base!

8. F’n’Hawt
Hint: “F’n’Ouch”!

9. Gatherings Designs
Hint: Turn the Radio Up and Kiss the DJ

10. Infliction
Hint: Behind the looking glass

11. Jelly
Hint: 1-2 Buckle my shoe, 3-4 shut the door, 5-6 pick up tits….

12. PB Designs
Hint: Not quite sandal weather yet.

13. Purple Candy
Hint: My tummy!

14. Salt
Hint: “Nipples perfectly covered”

15. Tiffany Designs
Hint: You can find me at Tiffany Store from CLEAVAGE, under the Facebook Sign 🙂

16. TRS
Hint: “Ouchie! These shoes are giving me blisters”

Don’t miss out on any of these 2L boobilicious prizes! Come get your hunt on before it’s all over!


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