NEWNESS at Tameless @ Cleavage!

Tameless has NEWNESS at Cleavage! These items are now available at the Cleavage location and include hair and clothes compatible with your mesh bodies and bits. Here’s a sample of the newness you’ll find:

Click here to teleport to the new releases.


New LJ logo_just tagline

Lubbly Jubblies is a monthly applier event providing new and exclusive items for your mesh bodies and bits. Our sponsors for the April round sexZ, F’n’Hawt, Purple Candy, Salt and [trs] along with 15 additional designers have brought you some amazing designs which you can see below. The current round is OPEN NOW and will run through noon on May 13th. Happy Shopping!

Click here to teleport to the event.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



A new round of GOING BUST is starting TOMORROW but there just may be a few items already available at this sidewalk sale where nothing is priced over 100L. Stay tuned for the full gallery tomorrow!



The End has come to Cleavage! Presented by Seraphim Events, this post apocalyptic event is waiting for you high in the sky. Check out the gallery on Seraphim then head on over!

Click here for the gallery.

Click here to teleport to the event.


May Day Hunt poster

Get Involved with Cleavage!

If you’re an implant friendly designer or blogger and want to get involved with Cleavage, there are lots of ways you can do so.

Designer Application for Lubbly Jubbies: Please apply here

Going Bust and Lubbly Jubblies Blogger Application: Please apply here


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