Main Store Available @ Cleavage!

Cleavage is your one-stop Second Life mall for the mesh enhanced avi. You’ll find a plethora of clothing shops for your mesh enhancements, as well as shapes, poses, and other implant-compatible products and services! Cleavage is also home to Lubbly Jubblies and Going Bust, monthly events catering to those mesh bodies and bits.

Why should you join Cleavage?

  • We’re not a mall you set up in, pay rent and are forgotten. We actively advertise the region through monthly magazine advertising, online web ads and through a partnership with Seraphim.
  • Any time you update your Cleavage shop with a new release, in world notices along with blog and Facebook posts will be sent out to generate more traffic to your specific location.
  • We hold a monthly sidewalk sales event that you will be eligible to participate in called Going Bust that generates foot traffic to the region.
  • Lubbly Jubblies is located here which is a monthly event for the mesh enhanced community that also generates general region foot traffic as well. As a renter, you are eligible to sponsor this event on a rotational basis. As a main store renter, you are eligible to be a permanent sponsor of the event.
  • We have additional activities on the region in the form of hunts, mini sales and themed events throughout the year.
  • We work with you to make your location a success!

A main store location is now available for rent! With ample prims (1875 to 3750) and a great rate (2.5L per prim), come make Cleavage your home today! For details on the rental, please contact NaughtyPrincess Milneaux in-world.

Not interested in a main store, but want a satellite location to show off your wares? Fill out the rental application found HERE.

BlueCleavageLOGOwLinkB 1024x1024


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