Love your Body Hunt


LOVE YOUR BODY Valentines Hunt @ The Cleavage Sim ~~~~~@
February 7-14-2016

Please see the following website for Clues 􀀅

Your hunt item is in this Heart 􀀄

RISQUE – Sometimes love is right through the next door

BabyDoll. – Can you hear the swan singing

Belle Cherie – I need a drink

U:Refined {U.R.} Fashion Designs – I like this box

.Sass. – I’m parked outside where information is abound, the color of roses is where I can be found.

FnH – “Pack Your Trunk and Seek Those That Never Forget”

twoface.- “don’t cry over spilled paint.”

Xxxtasi – :Join me in the back seat

~=Distinction=~ – I love fruit.

madcatcreations boutique – corner me

the ivory rose – think ill sit here and have a cherry soda




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