Love Your Body hunt


@~~~~~ LOVE YOUR BODY Valentines Hunt @ The Cleavage Sim ~~~~~@
February 7-14-2016

* You will be given a Full Perm heart to place your “Love your body” hunt item inside.

* You can hide your “Love your body” item anywhere inside the brick wall perimeters
on the Cleavage Sim.

* You may use any existing item as long as it is a newly designed texture or reworked
design themed for Valentines Day.

* Change the name of your full perm heart to your favorite candy or flower
(we want to make this a little challenging and not make this a dull area search hunt)

* Attach a landmark to your item in the area provided at bottom of this notecard
no hiding hunt items on top of buildings, we want to make it fun challenge but not a mission impossible)

* Please leave a small clue in the area provided at bottom of this notecard, to where they
can find your “”Love your body” hunt item

* Please make sure to set your hunt item to “For Sale” 0 Linden (as this is a hunt gift)
and set it to “CONTENTS”

* A full perm pic of your hunt item must be sent to 􀀆

* Deadline to confirm your participation is February 1- February 3

* Set up will take place starting on February 5

* A final walk through will be carried out on February 6

* February 6 – Please place a 2nd copy of your “Love your body” hunt item in the office for bloggers. These will then be removed on the 7th.

*• The Hunt itself will open at 9am SLT on February 7 and end at 11:59pm SLT on February 14.



Find Cleavage HERE:
In-World: 􀀃