rentals & rates ♛

Why should you join Cleavage?

  • We’re not a mall you set up in, pay rent and are forgotten. We actively advertise the region through monthly magazine advertising, online web ads and through a partnership with Seraphim.
  • Any time you update your Cleavage shop with a new release, in world notices along with blog and Facebook posts will be sent out to generate more traffic to your specific location.
  • BombShells is located here which is a monthly event for the applier community that also generates general region foot traffic as well. As a renter, you are eligible to sponsor this event. As a main store renter, you are eligible to be a permanent sponsor of the event.
  • We have increased additional activities to the region in the form of hunts, mini sales and themed events throughout the year.
  • We work with you to make your satellite location a success!

Shop Sizes and Rates

  • Small: 50 prims at 300L per week
  • Medium: 100 prims at 600L per week
  • Large: 200 prims at 1200L per week
  • Larger rentals possible, to be discussed
  • MAIN STORE LOCATION – 1875 prims up to 3750 prims for 2.5L per prim.

If you are a designer of prim / mesh breast apparel or other related items (implant-friendly shapes, poses, piercings, hair, etc.) and are interested in joining us, fill out the online Rental Application.

Thank you for your interest in joining Cleavage. If there are no spots available, you will be placed on the waiting list.


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