BombShells ♥

BombShells  is a monthly applier/fitmesh event held on the Cleavage region to provide new and exclusive items for your mesh bodies and bits. The event will run from the 15th to the 11th of the month. Make sure you visit our NEW PERMANENT LOCATION!

There are 6 Cleavage sponsors for the event including our main store The I. Along with these permanent members, an additional 15 spots are open each month to designers of implant friendly items.

Be sure to check out the BombShells blog at site coming soon \o/



✔ You will receive a NC if you are accepted into the event with further information and a group invite.
✔ Designers already in the Cleavage region should IM the manager of your interest in participating in this new event.

**Please Note – There is currently a waiting list for designers to join Lubbly Jubblies. All applications are saved for future inclusion in the event.**


✔ You will receive a NC if you are accepted into the event with further information and a group invite.

If you have any questions, please contact sensualmami or pleiades constantine.

We’re excited to bring you this new event at Cleavage, your permanent shopping location for the implant community. If you have any questions please contact us!

Event Time Tables

Time tables for the event

x – 22nd – Applications open for the Upcoming Round, (first come first serve basis)
x – 28th –  Accepted Stores list sent out
x – 3rd –   Confirmation Deadline and rent for the round is due, at the skybox
x – 10th – Pics are due for the event, please send to SensualMami
x – 12th – Set up for the event runs from the 12 midnight slt time and runs to 14th and ends at 10 slt time.
x – 15th – Event starts on the 15th of the month to the 11th at midnight slt time of the following month.


Blog Copies must be sent to the bloggers from the 11th-17th the earlier the better for promotion i give a little leigh way because we all forget but dont send items out to be blogged half way through the event when its about to close.

Either send direct to the bloggers or as attachment in a notice in the “BombShells event group”
must put your pics into the cleavage flickr pool

Rules & Guidlines

1. BombShells is  taking over from Lubbly Jubblies, so most of the same rules apply, same essence but felt a name change to be less “boob” sounding was needed.
The events main focus will still be on Applier based clothing/tattoos/makeup but now for the Mesh Full Bodies / Body Parts / Heads, carrying on from where Lubbly Jubblies left off

2. Theme of event is still like Lubbly Jubblies was, sexy,sensual,sultry, hot, .., themed event rather than your average stuff, its a “no nun, no wallflower” event. This dont just mean just slutty but also anything with that adds sex appeal….think pinups, divas, sex-bombs, bombshells , from sexy vixens to hot hot divas, the spectrum is huge, if unsure just contact one of us. We have curves and know how to flaunt it

3. Items presented at the event must include at least one NEW (you’ve never sold the item before) and EXCLUSIVE (not to be sold until after the round ends) item. Additional pre-released items or items for other mesh body parts are welcome, up to your prim limit.

4. Appliers must include Omega as minimum and if possible SLink, Maitreya, Belleza.
Including more will just add to your appeal for customers of the lesser known bodies or heads.

5. Every now and then we’ll add an extra theme just for fun

6. Respect other designers, their booths, Owner and staff of Cleavage. We are all in this together and want everyone to enjoy the sim and events. Any issues can be worked out.

7. Sponsors will be chosen from Applications and notified, we’ll try rotate these so everyone can get a chance to be a sponsor

8. Each round is $850L for 25 prims and sponsors get 35 prims for $950L

9. Each round starts on the 15th pics are due by the 10th

10. Each round will close on the 11th so yall have plenty of time to set up. if you cant set up on time, let us know and  someone will be contacted to take your spot unless you have spoken to me and arranged a late entry.

11. Confirmations must be made by the 3rd and rents are to be paid by the 3rd of each month, contact me if going to be delayed

12a. On the 22nd Applications for the upcoming round will be accepted via a link sent out in a notice to the BombShell group. It’ll be a first come first served basis. We’ll try send this notice at a time that suits everyone but if your timezone is vastly different, let us know and we’ll work something out. Successful Applicants will be notified on the 28th

12b. During this application please indicate on the form, if applying for a Regular spot, Sponsor Spot or Both. Sponsors will be chosen from applications, trying to rotate them each quarter so everyone gets a chance. Sponsors will be notified if chosen and will be automatically confirmed for 3 rounds of the event.

13. When it comes to templates of any kind,  there will be no more simple recoloring permitted. Templates are allowed but you must have put more effort in than a simple recolor. Reworking of textures, make the templates your own, we don’t want to see templates that look same as the rest that bought the kit .

14. Any Mesh Must Be fitted Mesh working with the mesh bodies. Mesh with just standard sizes not allowed

15. We ask you to send items to the bloggers to blog the sooner the better, benefits your store and the event.

Bombshell Event Team


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